Set up the GTD Method in ClickUp

The Getting Things Done or "GTD" workflow was created to help follow through on every item you encounter so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Start with Structure

ClickUp’s Hierarchy allows you to fully utilize the GTD method by organizing items (any sort of job or idea that comes to mind) so that they can be refined and acted upon, keeping you productive both at work and in your personal life. 

Use ClickUp's Getting Things Done Folder template to start organizing your tasks! It's a perfect way to structure your GTD workflow within the ClickUp Hierarchy.

To apply the template:

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to a Space, Folder, or List.

  2. Select Templates, then Browse Templates.

  3. Search for Getting Things Done.
  4. Select the template and then click Use Template.
    Screen shot of the Getting Things Done template in the ClickUp template center.

You can Edit the Folder name, location, import options, and task start/due dates.

How this template is organized

  • Folder: "Getting Things Done"

  • List: Categories - These house the different types of tasks in the GTD system

  • Tasks: Ideas, jobs, thing's you're waiting on, or other todo's that come to mind! In the reference List, tasks might also be articles, websites, emails, how-to's, or other information.

You'll find this template when creating a new Folder! Just search under the "Project Management" Template type.

What about projects?

Lists are perfect for organizing multi-task projects in a more traditional way. We use a separate Folder called 'Projects' to house all of our multi-step project Lists.

As soon as you're ready to start working on a task in your List, be sure to give it a due date so it will appear in your Inbox.

Capture Ideas

Ideas can be quickly captured as tasks, or reminders, that can then be processed later. 

Another way to capture ideas is the Notepad! It's the perfect place to reflect on your list and to leave any notes or reminders for yourself about the next steps. 

Define Tasks

Inside of a task, it's easy to write a description of exactly what the task is, and also include any steps or things to remember as a checklist or subtask.

You can even leave comments for yourself about various ideas and reminders relating to the task.

Other GTD Features

  1. Custom Fields: We use these to create and organize tasks into contexts

  2. Views: See just one context at once with filtering and quickly jump between different views

  3. Tags: Used to further organize tasks even across Folders (eg: any household item can be tagged as such even if the type of item is different)

  4. Time Estimates: Helpful for deciding how and when to work on an item


With ClickUp's Favorites feature, you can save your favorite sorted and filtered views and access them anytime at the top of your screen. This feature ensures that you can develop a dependable workflow to get things done efficiently.

You can come back to this view in your Favorites at any time, without having to sort or filter again.

Doc Views

This is another great way of storing reference material you may need in the future, from wikis to knowledge bases, and even SOPs!

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