Add Docs to Sidebar

Include important Docs in the Sidebar alongside Folders and Lists!

Help your team find important info even faster by adding it alongside your projects in the Hierarchy.

What you'll need

Add a Doc to the Sidebar

Add a Doc to a Space or Folder to display it underneath any Lists in that location.

To add a Doc to the Sidebar:

  1. Open the Doc.
  2. Click the ellipsis … in the upper-right corner to access the Doc settings.
  3. Select Move to.
  4. Click Sidebar.
  5. Browse and select a Space or Folder.

You can also drag and drop a Doc to a different location in the Sidebar. 

Screenshot of someone adding a Doc to the Sidebar.

Remove from Sidebar location

To remove a Doc from the Sidebar:

  1. In the upper right corner of a Doc, click the ellipsis … icon.
  2. Click Move to.
  3. Click Remove from current location.

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