Create a Mind Map

Create a free-form Mind Map for planning and organizing projects, or build off what you've already created in ClickUp.

If you'd like to brainstorm your ideas and collaborate with your team in real-time, check out Whiteboards. 

What you'll need

  • 60 uses of Mind Maps are included on the Free Forever Plan
  • 100 uses of Mind Maps are included on the Unlimited Plan.
  • Unlimited uses of Mind Maps are included on the Business plan and above.
  • Guests must have Edit permissions to create Mind Maps. 

Add a Mind Map view

To create a Mind Map:

  1. Open the Workspace location where you would like to add the view. 
  2. Open the Views modal.

    • In ClickUp 2.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + View.
    • In ClickUp 3.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + Add.
  3. Select Mind Map.
  4. Enter a name for the view.
  5. Optional: Check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access this view or the Pin view box if you want the view to always display in your Views Bar.
  6. Click Add View. 

Use Mind Maps

Once you've added a Mind Map, you can choose between Tasks mode or Blank mode:

Tasks mode

Tasks mode will display all of the tasks in the location where the Mind Map exists. With task mode, you can rearrange your Workspace by dragging branches to adjust where nodes are located, and create, edit, or delete tasks and subtasks. 

To create or delete tasks: 

  1. Select a List node. 
  2. Click + to add a new task. 
  3. Name the task. 
  4. Click enter to create the task node. 

To edit tasks, select the expand icon on any task node.

To move tasks from one location to another: 

  1. Click on the branch of the task, and a diamond will appear.
  2. Grab and move the diamond to the new location. 

The color of the lines in Mind Maps is correlated with the List color and the status of each task. 

Blank mode

In Blank mode, you can create Mind Maps where nodes don't have to connect to any task structure. Create as many nodes as you want, then quickly convert them to tasks in any List.

You can click the Re-Layout button in the upper right of the view to rearrange all of your nodes automatically rearrange all of your nodes.

Create child nodes

To create child nodes: 

  1. Click the + beside the root node. 
  2. Name the child node and press enter. 

Create sibling nodes

To create a sibling node: 

  1. Click on a child node. 
  2. Use the icon beneath the node to create a sibling node.

Move nodes

To move nodes from one location to another: 

  1. Click on a branch of the node, and a diamond will appear.
  2. Grab and move the diamond to a new location. 

Set node colors

For ClickUp 3.0, we updated the available theme colors to make ClickUp more accessible and user-friendly. 

To add color to your Mind Map nodes:
  1. Click a node.
  2. Click the color picker.
  3. Pick a color.

Delete nodes

To delete a node, click on the node and select the trashcan icon. 

Delete a Mind Map

You can delete Mind Maps you no longer use, but they cannot be restored from the Trash.

To permanently delete a Mind Map:

  1. Open the Mind Map view you want to delete.
  2. Hover over the view name and click the ellipsis ... icon
  3. Select Delete.


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