Links in Task Comments

You'll never need to search through comments looking for hyperlinks again! Now, ClickUp automatically groups all websites from comments in one convenient place. 

Additionally, mentions of this task in other tasks add a "mention" to the menu beside the link menu.

Task view 3.0 is currently in beta. Stay tuned for LevelUp to learn more! The following instructions apply to both Task view 2.0 and Task view 3.0.

How to view all links in a task

Once a link has been added to a comment inside a task, ClickUp automatically adds it to a list at the bottom of the task window.

  1. Open a task

  2. Look to the bottom of the window

  3. Click on one of the link icons

Additionally, we'll show you unique emblems for different link types: 

  1. YouTube

  2. Loom

  3. Invision

  4. Figma

  5. Google Drive

  6. Dropbox

  7. Cloudapp

If you're not seeing the "link" icon, then it's time to add the first link to your task!


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