Intro to Home 2.0

Home provides a panoramic view of your most important items so you always know where your focus should be.

Home includes some of the most powerful and intelligent features in ClickUp to help you see and stay focused on the tasks and reminders that matter most.

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What you'll need

Tasks that have been archived will not appear in Home. 

Accessing Home

To access Home, simply click on the home icon located at the top-left of the app. You can also click on the ClickUp logo to get you there.

Tip: Press h anywhere in your Workspace to go directly to Home! Check out our full list of hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.


Keep your priorities focused by building your daily schedules or standup agendas right inside ClickUp. Organize your own to-do list or ask a manager to help clear up what you should work on next.

Screenshot of ClickUp's LineUp feature.


Quickly access your top trending tasks. This list of tasks dynamically updates using machine learning, always showing your most relevant tasks first.

Screenshot of Trending tasks in Home.

My Work

My Work is the center of Home. It lets you see your tasks and reminders together in one place.

My Work only includes tasks and reminders that are assigned to you or Teams you belong to.

There are four tabs in My Work:

  • To do: contains all of your tasks and reminders, grouped by today, overdue, next, and unscheduled

  • Comments: assigned comments on tasks, Docs, Chat view, and Chat Dashboard cards are displayed in one place

  • Done: displays completed tasks in a done or closed status and reminders that were assigned to you

  • Delegated: shows any reminders or reminders converted to tasks you've assigned to other people so you can track their progress

Tip: You can also drag and drop tasks from any My Work To do section onto the Calendar or Agenda to schedule them!


The calendar section shows your scheduled tasks for the day.

You can add and display your Google Calendar events and national holidays alongside your ClickUp tasks.

Click the ellipsis to access the calendar settings including:

  • Color tasks by List or Status

  • Show or hide subtasks

  • Show or hide future recurring tasks

  • Set your time format to either am/pm or 24 hour

Note: Showing future recurring tasks is only available on our Unlimited plan and above.

Tip: You can drag and drop tasks and events to reschedule them, or click and drag to adjust the start and due times tasks and events right on the calendar.

Gif of ClickUp's Home calendar feature.


See your Agenda for the day to know exactly what to focus on!

Agenda works by listing all the tasks and reminders that are scheduled for today.

Once a task or reminder is complete or moved to a done status, the item is cleared from the Agenda.

Click the calendar icon to show or hide Reminders.

Screenshot of the Agenda in Home.

@ Mentions

See where you've been mentioned by clicking the @Mentions button on the top right of the Home screen.

The @Mentions button also features a badge that shows you how many uncleared @Mention notifications you have outstanding.

Clear your @Mention notifications right from Home by opening your @Mentions and clicking on the clear comment button.

Screenshot of someone mentioning another user in the Mentions tab of the Home page.

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