Work in Progress Limits

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Protect your agile team's capacity with the Work in Progress (WIP) Limits ClickApp to visually indicate when there's too much work in a status!

This new Board view feature makes it easy to see when you're at or above your limit. Simply toggle on the ClickApp for your Workspace to start visualizing limits!

Workspaces on our Business Plan and above have full access to WIP Limits. Learn more about our plans here.

How to enable WIP Limits ClickApp

  1. Visit your Workspace settings (you must be an Admin or Owner)

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Locate the WIP Limits ClickApp and toggle on per Space, or enable for all

  4. Open a Board view!

Work In Progress ClickApp icon.

Views and Grouping

WIP Limits are currently supported on Board views. They're unique per view and work with all types of grouping!

For example:

Create a Board view grouped by status and set limits to the number of tasks in each status. Then, create a separate view grouped by Priority and limit it by the total time estimated for each priority.

Configuring WIP Limits

  1. Select the count icon in the column header

  2. Select the field you want to calculate

  3. Set the limit

  4. Repeat for each column

Moving tasks to match limits.

Soft Limits vs. Hard Limits

These are all soft limits, meaning we'll visually indicate when a column is above the limit, but we won't block tasks from being created, moved, or updated even if it would make the column over the defined limit.

Supported Fields

The following options are supported when it comes to calculating total work in a column:

  • Task Count

  • Time Estimate (ClickApp)

  • Sprint Points (ClickApp)

  • Money & Numbers Custom Fields (ClickApp)

Different options for calculating totals.

Note: You must have ClickApps enabled for certain fields in order for them to show up in your Space.

Different states for Limits

The color changes for the count depending on where the total is at compared to the limit.

  • Gray = Limit is not set, default state.

  • Green = Limit is set, under limit.

  • Yellow = Limit is set, at Limit.

  • Red = Limit is set, over Limit.

Note: Work in Progress Limits are not visible to guests.

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