Add emails to tasks

Use the ClickUp Chrome extension to add emails to ClickUp tasks from your Gmail inbox. If you'd like to send emails from your Workspace, check out this article about the Email in ClickUp ClickApp.

What you'll need

Add emails to tasks

To add an email to a task:

  1. Install the ClickUp Chrome extension.
  2. Open Gmail.
  3. Open an email.
  4. Click the ClickUp logo to open the Chrome extension.

Screenshot highlighting the ClickUp logo in an email.

To attach the email to an existing task:

  1. Click Attach to task to find an existing task.
  2. Select the location or search for a task in your Workspace.
  3. Click Attach to a task to attach the email.

To attach the email to a new task:

  1. Click New task to create a new task.
  2. Select the location to create the new task.
  3. Click Create new task to create the task with the email attached.

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