Use Custom Fields for PMO

Use Custom Fields to personalize your Workspace, manage and add context to your projects, and capture information to help prioritize. Automations, reporting, and knowledge sharing are all enabled by Custom Fields. 

We recommend the following Custom Fields for PMO teams:


Use Dropdown Custom Fields to add context to your tasks. 

Dropdown Custom Field Description
PMO Task Type

Specify the type of object the task is. This field can filter views so you only see what you need. Types include, but are not limited to:

  • Portfolio
  • Program
  • Project
  • Project Team
  • Risk
  • Issue
  • Status Report
  • Task
Department Identify the requester's department. Capturing this information helps to understand where most requests originate from to help with future planning/budgeting.
Project Phase Identify the phase the project is currently in. The PMO Roadmap view helps leadership understand at a glance what phase the project is in.
OKRs Identify OKRs that the project is tied to. This enables project teams to align their work to department/company-level goals.


Use People Custom Fields to indicate your projects' key stakeholders, requesters, and more. People added to these Custom Fields aren't notified of task updates unless they are assigned to the task or a watcher on it.

Screenshot of someone using People Custom Fields in their Workspace.

Below are some recommended People Custom Fields:

People Custom Field Description
Key Stakeholders Add key project stakeholders who need to be informed of updates.
Executive Sponsors Add executive sponsors of the project to improve alignment, communication, and strategy.
Project Manager Add project managers (PMs) so everyone knows who manages each project.
Requester Add the person who submitted the PMO request so leaders and PMs can follow up if necessary. If you use Forms to automate your intake process, this Custom Field should be required.

Text and Text area

We recommend using the Text and Text area (Long text) Custom Fields to define projects and success metrics.

Screenshot of a Text Custom Field in List view.

Below are our recommended Text Custom Fields:

Text/Text area Custom Field Description
Project Description Define your projects. We recommend using this Custom Field in your PMO Roadmap view so leadership can quickly see what projects are about.
Success Metrics Define what measures success for this project so all involved teams and leadership stay aligned.


We recommend creating a Required Delivery Teams Label Custom Field if you're using a PMO roadmap view in your Workspace. This helps leaders plan, prioritize, and allocate work across programs and projects. 

Money and Formula

We recommend setting up Money Custom Fields to keep track of your budget and total amount spent. You can then use a Formula Custom Field to automatically calculate your remaining budget.

Screenshot of Money and Formula Fields in List view doing basic calculations.


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