ClickUp for PMO teams

In the following articles, learn how to set up your ClickUp Workspace to maximize the efficiency of your PMO team.

Organize your Hierarchy

Learn how to set up the ideal Workspace Hierarchy for your PMO team.

Use Custom Fields

PMO teams can use Custom Fields to personalize their Workspace, manage their projects, and capture information to help prioritize tasks. Automations, reporting, and knowledge sharing are all enabled by Custom Fields. 

Use views

PMO teams can create and customize views to track roadmaps, status reports, risks, and more. Views display information from all tasks under them in the ClickUp Hierarchy.

Use Docs

PMO teams can use Docs for wikis, repositories, meeting notes, and more.

Use templates

PMO teams use templates to load pre-made Folders, Lists, tasks, Docs, views, and checklists into their Workspace. Templates enable everyone to save time by making common processes repeatable.

Screenshot of a PMO Space template.

Use Automations

PMO teams use ClickUp Automations to automate their workflows and save time.

Use integrations

PMO teams can use our integrations to improve communication and knowledge management, track time, reduce context switching, and more.


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