Tasks in Multiple Lists FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using Tasks in Multiple Lists.

Q: What happens to my task's status if I move it to an additional List?

A: When you move a task to a new List, it keeps it's status from the original List. If the status doesn't exist in the new location, a modal displays with the option to cancel or select a new status.
Screenshot of the modal that displays when you must select a new status for a task you're moving.

Q: What happens to my task's Custom Fields when I move it to an additional List?

A: Tasks inherit the Custom Fields from their locations. To see a task's Custom Fields, check the fields table below the task description.

Q: Who has access to tasks I've added to multiple Lists?

A: Tasks shared with other Lists can be seen by anyone with access to any of the task's Lists. No need to worry about granting permission for each task.

Q: Are tasks in multiple Lists supported when using Automations?

A: Absolutely! When creating an Automation, you can incorporate Tasks in Multiple Lists so that tasks are created in all locations at once.

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