Tasks in Multiple Lists FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using Tasks in Multiple Lists.

What happens to my task's status if I move it to an additional List?

When you move a task to a new List, it keeps it's status from the original List. If the status doesn't exist in the new location, a modal displays with the option to cancel or select a new status.
Screenshot of the modal that displays when you must select a new status for a task you're moving.

What happens to my task's Custom Fields when I move it to an additional List?

Tasks inherit the Custom Fields from their locations. To see a task's Custom Fields, check the fields table below the task description.

Who has access to tasks I've added to multiple Lists?

Tasks shared with other Lists can be seen by anyone with access to any of the task's Lists. No need to worry about granting permission for each task.

Are tasks in multiple Lists supported when using Automations?

Absolutely! When creating an Automation, you can incorporate Tasks in Multiple Lists so that tasks are created in all locations at once.

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