How to Add Proofing to Your Workflow

"That green spot - can you make it a little more green? Can you blur the right part of the photo? No, no - the other right!"

Sound familiar? Eliminate the confusion when giving design feedback with ClickUp Proofing! You (and your team) can communicate quickly and clearly through adding, assigning, and resolving comments on any PNG, GIF, JPEG, WEBP, video, or PDF file, all within ClickUp.

Note: Proofing is a Business Plan feature. Workspaces on the Free Forever and Unlimited Plans have 100 uses to test the feature. To learn more about the differences between our plans, click here.

How to Proof in ClickUp

  1. After uploading a file as a task attachment, simply click on the file to open it.

  2. In the top right corner, click "Add comments".

  3. Then, click anywhere on the attachment to add a comment.

Animation demonstrating the ability to proof images in ClickUp.

While the Proofing process may seem simple, how can you integrate it into your existing workflow?

Easily Access Conversations

Instead of constantly opening and closing task attachments, use comments to talk about updates on the image itself!

Just select "Add comments" at the top right of your screen, and you can easily talk to your team about the task attachments!

Proofing saves a tremendous amount of time in pinpointing exactly what you're talking about with your team. Additionally, Proofing ensures that you have the feedback easily accessible later so you have a record of your work!

Need to take action on a comment? Assign that comment so your team members know exactly what needs to happen next, and who needs to take action!

Assigned comments will show in a tasks "to do" section, so you can see that there's an assigned comment without even having to open the image.

Additionally, you can see how many total assigned comments are on a task, as well as how many have been resolved.

Screenshot of proofing comment.

Add Proofing to Your Approval Process

Once your design is complete, you may need a manager, creative director, or even a client to approve it.

There are multiple ways you can add approvals and reviews to your workflow, and each of these can utilize the power of Proofing.


Use a custom status to indicate if your creatives have been approved or not. Here's how that can look in your workflow:

  • Add a custom status named "Approved" to your workflow

  • When it's time to review the image, the designer tags the approver in a comment on the image using the Proofing feature, and assign the comment to them for review

  • The approver reviews the image assets, resolves any comments, and then changes the status to "Approved" when it's ready to go

  • If the image needs additional edits, the approver can change the status to back to an "In progress" status, and add a comment letting your designer know changes are requested

  • Make the "Approved" status a Done Status, so that you'll no longer receive any overdue notifications

Tip: Use Automations to change assignees when the task is moved to a particular status. That way, the approver is automatically assigned to the task when it's time for them to review and approve it!

Custom Fields

Keeping your workflow simple? Use a checkbox Custom Field to designate that your project has been approved! Set up is easy:

  • Add a checkbox Custom Field, named "Approved"

  • Tag the reviewer in a comment on the image, assign the comment to them, and request their approval

  • Once reviewed, they can resolve the comment

  • Then, they can mark the checkbox to signify that the item has been approved

Proofing can be integrated into any step of your workflow to help you save time and work even more effectively with your team!

Proofing PDF Files

While you can't directly edit PDF files in ClickUp, you can still make comments on them!

Do you have a contract that needs to be reviewed, or possibly even amended? Use Proofing to streamline this process.

If you need a client to review the contract, just attach that to the task, add (and assign) a comment via Proofing, and then they can add comments for any changes that need to be made!

Screenshot example of ClickUp proofing on image.

Open the PDF attachment, choose "Add comment" in the top right corner, and click on the PDF to add comments.

Assign comments for your team to know if they need to upload a new version of the PDF file, or if the file is perfect as-is!

Proofing video content

You can attach video files to your tasks and easily add, assign, and resolve proofing comments. Comments display the timestamp of the video and appear in the playback bar so you can easily find them later.

Screenshot of a video with proofing comments.

Additional Information

Guests can also utilize the Proofing feature in ClickUp!

Guests with full, edit, or comment access to tasks can add comments to images in locations shared with them.

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