Rollup Field (Relationships)

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The Rollup Field is part of our Relationships feature — collecting and displaying all the various Relationships and corresponding field data related to a task!

In your task view, you'll see it as a table built into the left side of your task. Different categories of Relationships will be separated out into rows, and columns can be added to the Rollup Field to include relevant details for your Rollup Field components.

Add Rollup Field in Task View

Rollup Fields allow you to pull in-field data from your task in the Relationship.

  1. Navigate to the task table in Relationships

  2. Click on the + circle in the top right of the task table

  3. Select the field you want to pull in

  4. (Optional) give it a custom name

  5. (Optional) if the field supports it, you can have it calculate

  6. ClickAdd

Note: The Relationships ClickApp needs to be enabled in order for the Relationships table to appear in task view.

Gif showing how to add a rollup field to List view.

We currently support the following relationships:

  • Task: bring in task fields

  • Dependency: bring in task fields

  • Custom (link to anywhere): bring in task fields

  • Custom (link to List): bring in task fields & Custom Fields

Add Rollup Field in List View

Create Rollup Fields right from a List view!

  • In List view, navigate to the + icon to add a new column

  • Select Rollup from the create new field section

  • Give your rollup a name

  • Select from available Relationships or create a new one

  • Select the field to pull in

  • (optionally) if the field supports it, you can have it calculate

You can also display rollups you have already created by navigating to the Hidden section in the add new column drop down and looking for your existing rollup.

Note: In List view when there is a calculation, we will display the result. When no calculation is applied, we'll display all values in a comma-separated List.

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