Use the StandUp card in Home

Use the AI StandUp card in Home to write a summary of what you've been working on. AI uses data from your tasks to summarize your work during a selected period of time.

What you'll need

Write your StandUp

When you first add the AI StandUp card, AI will write a short StandUp summarizing your activity from the last 7 days.

Screenshot of a StandUp summarizing the last 7 days of activity in a short format.

After that, you can regenerate and copy the StandUp, and update your card.

  1. From the upper-right corner of the AI StandUp card, select one of the following settings: 
    • Regenerate: Click the double-arrow icon to add your most recent activity to your StandUp. To the right of the icon, you can see how long it's been since your StandUp was written.
    • Copy: Click the copy icon to copy your StandUp so you can share it with your team. 
    • Settings: Click the gear icon to open the Write StandUp modal.
      Screenshot of the settings in the upper-right corner of the AI StandUp card.
  2. In the Write StandUp modal, you can use the following dropdown menus to choose a time period and format:
    • Get StandUp from: Select a period of time from 24 hours to the Last 7 days.
    • Format: Choose from the following formats:
      • Bulleted: A bulleted list of completed work.
      • Short: A short summary of completed work.
      • Traditional: A more detailed summary of completed work.
  3. Click Update card
    Screenshot of the two dropdowns in the Write StandUp modal: 'Get StandUp from' and 'Format'. The Get StandUp from menu is expanded and This week is selected. The tooltip on This week reads, 'All activity from Sunday until now.'


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