What is view caching?

Views caching, part of our RapidViews DB initiative, is the process that we use to improve the loading times of views in your Workspace. Caching is a method used to store frequently accessed data in a temporary storage area or "cache".

This process significantly reduces the time and resources needed to retrieve that data, enhancing overall system performance and efficiency.

Tasks are not cached with your view and will be loaded separately.

What you'll need

  • Views caching is enabled automatically for all ClickUp Workspaces
  • Views caching is available in List view at the Shared with Me, Everything, Space, Folder, and List levels.

When is a view cached?

A view will be cached if it takes more than a few seconds to load. Once a view is cached, it will remain cached for 7 days. When a view is being cached, you'll receive the following message.

Image showing the caching message

Caching is based on the user, view, and view settings. Changes made to a view such as filtering or grouping will be cached separately. For example, a view with the Assignee is me filter applied will have a separate cache than a view that is filtered to Assignee is [user].

When opening a cached view, ClickUp will automatically request the latest data and update your view. During this process, the following message will inform you that the view is being updated.

Image showing the view updating message

Task data is always up to date. Additionally, any changes made to tasks are saved. Changes that may appear missing include newly created tasks and tasks moved or removed from the List but those changes will be shown once the view updates.

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