Working efficiently best practices

It's important to consider how the features in ClickUp can streamline your workflows, saving your team even more time. The following are features that we recommend to improve your team's efficiency.

ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI is available everywhere in ClickUp text can be used. For example, task descriptions, all comments, text Custom Fields, the toolbar, and Command Center. Write better and faster using ClickUp AI. Whatever your role or job function, ClickUp AI can transform the way you work.

  • Use 100+ role-based AI Tools in Docs and Tasks to generate perfectly formatted content like agendas, scope documents, blog posts, product requirements, and more.
  • Work faster by automatically generating action items, summarizing content, and fixing spelling and grammar.
  • ClickUp AI increasingly utilizes your project-related data to power its model, generating output that is contextualized to the work you're doing.

Animation showing ClickUp AI

Tasks and Subtasks in Multiple Lists

Tasks in Multiple Lists eliminates the need to duplicate the same task just so that you can have it in multiple places at once. Contributors from different teams or departments can view their work from a cross-functional project in their own Lists.


Build Forms to collect information and streamline task creation. Share your Form anywhere and automatically create a task using the information you've gathered.

  • Streamline work requests and make scoping more efficient by creating an intake process that starts with a Form.
  • Gather continuous or post-event feedback using publicly shared Forms, enabling you to take direct, immediate action from the feedback task.
  • Conditional logic allows you to create a single dynamic Form that supports multiple use cases, saving precious time for you and the person filling out the Form!

Image showing a ClickUp Form


Save tasks, Docs, and views as templates to efficiently apply an established format to new Workspace items.

  • Apply templates automatically from Forms or Automations, reducing repetitive work.
  • Use a separate Space to manage templates created by you and your team.

Screenshot of the Template Center


Automate workflows and processes or build in business rules. For example, use Automations to:

  • Notify teams or individuals of new requests or handoffs.
  • Add items to different lists to facilitate views and reporting.
  • Set fields based on due dates, status, assignees, watchers, custom field values, and more.
  • Apply task templates to eliminate repetitive work to populate content and actions in tasks.

Image of the Automations menu in ClickUp


With Integrations you can connect over 1,000+ tools to ClickUp to streamline your workflow. Now, Slack, Teams, Google, and more can be directly integrated into your ClickUp workspace.

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