Customize Page Details in Docs

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You can experiment with different fonts, sizes, and spacing preferences to stylize the look and feel of your pages. Add cover images, icons, protect your Docs, and more.

What you'll need

  • Docs are available on all ClickUp Plans. Some Doc features are dependent on plan type.

  • Docs can be shared with Guests.

Access the Page details menu

To access the Page details menu from the right sidebar of a Doc:

  1. Expand the right sidebar or click the Page Details icon.

  2. The Page Details menu will open.



Set Page Details menu options

There are lots of different ways to customize your page details:

Font and Page options

Preference type Options
  • Sans
  • Serif
  • Mono
Font Size
  • Small

  • Normal

  • Large

Page Width
  • Normal
  • Full
Advanced Page Details

Use sliders to adjust:

  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Paragraph spacing

  • Page width

Set these preferences on all pages within a Doc by clicking Apply typography to all pages.


Header options

Click the toggles to turn the header options on or off:

Option Description
Cover image

Add a cover image to give your page.

Uploading a cover image from your device counts towards your storage limit on our Free Forever Plan.

Page title and icon

Choose whether or not to show the page title and icon above your page. The icon and title will still appear in the left sidebar for easy navigation between pages.


Show or hide the subtitle of the page.


Show or hide the owner of the page.


Show or hide the contributor(s) of the page.


Show or hide the date the page was created.

Sticky table of contents

Choose whether or not to always show your table of contents on the right as you scroll down a page.


Doc and page protection options

There are two ways to protect your Docs:

Protection type Description
Protect this Page Prevent everyone from making changes to an individual page.
Protect entire Doc Prevent everyone from making changes to the entire Doc.


Page and Doc stats

Select stats for the page or entire Doc using the drop-down menu.

Stat options Description
Word count The number of words on the page or Doc.
Characters The number of characters on the page or Doc.
Reading time Approximately how long will it take to read the content on this page or Doc.
Show while typing

Show or hide stats in the lower-left corner of the page while you type. You can click the toggle to turn this option on or off.

Try using the shortcut cmd + shift + C to show and hide Stats! Use ctrl + shift + C if you're using Windows!


Focus mode

Focus mode helps you focus on what you're typing by removing other distractions on the page while you type.

To turn on Focus mode:

  1. In an open Doc, open the Page details menu.

  2. Scroll down to Focus mode.

  3. Choose between the two focus mode options:

Block focus mode

In Block focus mode, all other text and content in your Doc will be shown with reduced opacity, so you can keep your attention on what you're typing.

Screenshot of a page with Focus mode enabled.

Page focus mode

Page focus mode creates a minimalist writing experience by hiding the Doc sidebars while you're typing.

Animation showing how sidebars and disappear when typing in Page Focus Mode.


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