Slack integration overview

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ClickUp's Slack integration allows you to do more than just chat with your teammates. Maximize your team's productivity by taking action without ever leaving Slack.

Note: The Slack integration is only available with Slack's web app.

What you'll need

  • The Slack integration is available on every ClickUp plan!

  • Only owners and admins can enable the Slack Integration.

  • Your ClickUp Workspace can only be connected to one Slack workspace at a time.

Video overview

Watch our ClickTip video below on our Slack integration!

Enable the Slack integration

Only Workspace owners and admins can enable the Slack integration.

To enable the Slack integration:

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left and choose Integrations from the menu.

  2. Choose Slack from the integration options and then Add to Slack - You’ll be redirected to Slack.

  3. Click Allow to grant ClickUp access.

Authorize ClickUp

When setting up the Slack integration, a popup appears requesting access for ClickUp to do the following:

  • View content and info about you.
  • View content and info about channels and conversations.
  • View content and info about your Workspace.
  • Perform actions in channels and conversations.
  • Perform actions in your Workspace.

Screenshot of the Slack authorization pop-up window.

This permissions request needs to be accepted for the Slack integration to function.

Authorize personal Slack notifications

Once the integration has been enabled by an admin or owner, every user must personally authorize Slack notifications. To do so:

  1. In the lower-left corner, click your avatar.
  2. Click My Settings.
  3. Select Slack Notifications from the left sidebar.
  4. Click + Add notification and follow the prompts.

The user that enables notifications must be a member of the Slack channel in order for the channel to appear for the entire Workspace. 

Use ClickUp in Slack with Slack Unfurl

Update task details like statuses, assignees, priorities, and more from within Slack.

Enable Slack notifications

Get notifications about ClickUp tasks in the Slack channels of your choice.
Screenshot of the Slack integration page where you can add specific notifications.

Use Slack actions

With the Slack integration, you can create a ClickUp task from a Slack message or add a Slack message as a comment to an existing task.

Tip: Learn how to automate Slack actions with the ClickBot!

Create ClickUp tasks in Slack

Create new tasks without ever leaving a Slack conversation.

Disable the Slack integration

Only Workspace owners and admins can disable the Slack integration.

To disable the Slack integration:

  1. In the lower-left corner, click your avatar.
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Scroll down and click Remove Slack integration.

Troubleshoot the Slack integration

If you're unable to see all of your available Slack channels when enabling the integration, be aware that: 

  • The channel must exist. 
  • You must be in the channel. 
  • When you join a new channel, it can take up to 5 minutes for ClickUp to refresh its cache and reflect the new channel. 
  • You do not need to re-authorize Slack for the channel to appear. 

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