Miro integration

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For teams that use Miro, we have integrations that let you use ClickUp and Miro together easily!

With the ClickUp Integration, turn any object in Miro into a ClickUp task, or add tasks to a board without ever leaving your Miro board.

In ClickUp, you can embed Miro boards directly into your ClickUp tasks, notes, and Docs using the Miro /Slash Command.

Bring your ideas and work even closer together with our Whiteboards feature!

What you'll need

  • The Miro /Slash Command is available on all ClickUp plans.

  • Guests can use the Miro integration.

Enable the integration

To enable the Miro integration:

  1. In Miro, find the board you want to use.

  2. From the board creation toolbar on the left-hand side, click More tools.

  3. Use the search bar to find the ClickUp app.

  4. Click Get App.

  5. Authorize the app by logging into your ClickUp account and setting permissions.

Authorize ClickUp

When authorizing, a popup appears requesting access for ClickUp to read and modify boards users have access to. This permissions request needs to be accepted for the Miro integration to function.

Screenshot of Miro requesting permissions.

Add a ClickUp task to your Miro board

Add an existing ClickUp task to your Miro board without leaving Miro!

To add a task to a Miro board:

  1. From the board creation toolbar on the left in Miro, click the ClickUp icon.

  2. Select Choose from ClickUp.

  3. Use the search bar to search or browse for a task in your ClickUp Workspace.

  4. Click or drag and drop a task to add it to your board.

  5. The new task object will display its ClickUp task ID and status.

Screenshot of someone adding a ClickUp task to their Miro board.

Convert Miro objects to ClickUp tasks

You can convert an object on your Miro board into a ClickUp task.

  1. Select an object in Miro.

  2. From the board creation toolbar on the left in Miro, click the ClickUp icon.

  3. Click Convert from Miro.

  4. Select object(s) on your board that you'd like to convert.

  5. In the ClickUp modal, select:

    • Task Location

    • Assignee

    • Status

    • Priority

    • Time Estimate

  6. Click Convert to ClickUp task.

  7. The object is immediately added as a task in your Workspace!

ClickUp tasks created from Miro objects look identical to all other ClickUp tasks and do not link back to the Miro board.

Use Miro in ClickUp with /Slash Commands

You can use /Slash Commands to embed live, editable Miro boards directly into ClickUp docs, tasks, and notes.

  1. In a Doc, note, or task description type /miro.

  2. Select Miro.

  3. Log in to your Miro account.

  4. Select a board from your account or create a new one.

  5. Select your access settings.

  6. Use your Miro board!

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