Archive Folders and Lists

If you don't want an unused Folder or List cluttering up your Sidebar, but might need the contents later, you can archive it. Best of all, archived Folders and List are fully searchable!

Archived Folders and Lists aren't visible in the Sidebar. They also are separated from hidden Folders and Lists, which are still active. You can permanently or temporarily restore archived items to the Sidebar.

What you'll need

  • You can archive Folders and Lists on all plans.

    • Archived Folders and Lists do not count toward your plan's limits. Take a look at Folder and List limits on our pricing page

  • Guests with edit or full permissions can archive Folders and Lists.

  • Only Workspace owners or admins can unarchive Folders and Lists.

Archive a Folder or List 

When you archive Folders and Lists, they're no longer visible in the Sidebar. All items in the Folder and List are preserved and searchable.

Changes made to archived tasks will still trigger notifications for all watchers. To stop receiving notifications, you can delete the task or remove yourself as a watcher.

To archive a Folder or List:

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to the Folder or List.

  2. Select Archive.

  3. From the Archive modal, click Archive.

  4. Your Folder or List is removed from the Sidebar and can be restored at any time.

Restore an archived Folder or List to the Sidebar

You can temporarily restore the Folder or List to your Sidebar. This is handy if you need to look at an item in the Folder or List or to use it to create a template.

  1. At the top of the Sidebar hover to the left of the double arrow icon to display the cog icon.

  2. Click the cog icon.

  3. From the Sidebar Settings menu, click Show archived.

  4. The archived Folder or List and all of its items display in the Sidebar. You can tell it's archived because the Folder or List name is italicized and displays with the archived icon.

    • To hide an item again from Sidebar Settings, select Hide archived.

Unarchive or delete a Folder or List

If you find that you need the Folder or List again, permanently restore it to your Sidebar. You can also delete it.

  1. Click the cog icon.

  2. From the Sidebar Settings menu, click Show archived.

  3. From the Sidebar, hover over the archived item.

    • Click the arrow icon to unarchive it. Item displays in the Sidebar without the archived icon and the name is no longer italicized.

    • Click the x icon to delete it.

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