Troubleshoot blocked emails in Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 Defender may block emails and Teams messages with links to publicly shared ClickUp Docs and Forms.

ClickUp URLs

The following URLs are used by publicly shared ClickUp Docs and Forms:

Report and allow URLs

Your Security Administrator for Microsoft 365 should report these URLs to Microsoft as false positives and add them to the Allow List for your organization.

  1. Submit the four URLs above as false positives to Microsoft.

    Detailed instructions are available in this Microsoft support article.

  2. While submitting these URLs as false positives, add them to the Allow List for your organization.

    To manually allow URLs for your organization, follow this Microsoft support article.

View additional domains to allow

To view the full list of domains that need to be allowed for ClickUp to work best, see Domains that need to be allowed.

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