Use integrations for software teams

Software teams can use ClickUp integrations to work together in one place without needing to switch between different software. Our native integrations eliminate the need for extra manual work and provide the building blocks needed to streamline and automate any of your projects.

Here are a few of the ClickUp integrations that we recommend for software teams: 


With the GitHub integration, ClickUp tasks show a history of GitHub activities (e.g pushes, merges, etc) in the comments section. ClickUp status can also be updated from GitHub, saving engineers time from needed to update statuses in multiple places. 

Software teams can use ClickUp integrations to work together in one place without switching between different software.
Image showing the GitHub activity in a task.
For our software teams here at ClickUp, the GitHub integration is used to link pull requests, commits, and branches in GitHub to ClickUp tasks. 


You can use the Zendesk integration to create and link ClickUp bug tasks to user-reported tickets.
Here at ClickUp, our software teams built a custom app using the ClickUp API to create user reports from Zendesk tickets for new and existing defects in the software. This integration saves our team time and makes them more productive. 


Engineering leaders can use integrations with Tableau and embedded Tableau dashboards to show reports and SLAs to leadership. 
ClickUp's software teams use a Tableau web connector to send data from ClickUp to Tableau in order to produce in-depth dashboards that analyze team performance. 


ClickUp's Slack integration allows you to maximize your software team's productivity by taking action without ever leaving Slack.
Our software teams use the Slack integration to bring product requests and feedback into ClickUp directly from messages Slack. 

Google Drive 

Use the Google Drive cloud storage integration to store and attach files from outside of ClickUp. 


Use this integration to import your existing Jira data directly into ClickUp. 


This integration allows you to report issues from PractiTest directly to ClickUp tasks. PraciTest issues can be bugs, to-do items, improvements, or feature requests, depending on your use case and workflow. 

Lambda Test 

The Lambda Test integration allows you and your team to report bugs and UI anomalies directly into ClickUp. 


Zapier lets you connect ClickUp with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most. No code required. 


With the Figma integration, you can embed Figma bookmarks and other content directly into your ClickUp Workspace. 
Our software teams here at ClickUp use the Figma integration to collaborate with the product and design teams. 


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