Use Custom Fields for software teams

Custom Fields enable and improve workflow Automations, reporting, knowledge sharing, and more by adding important information to any project or initiative and providing product managers with relevant information at a glance.
We recommend the following Custom Field types for software teams.


The Dropdown Custom Field gives you a list of options to choose from in a dropdown menu. You can use this Custom Field to display information such as:

  • Category/Item type
  • Release number
  • People (eg. designer, front-end engineer, backend engineer)
  • Priority
  • Severity 
  • Impact
  • Reproducibility 
  • MRR
  • Root cause

Animation demonstrating the dropdown custom field.


The Number Custom Field allows you to input a numeric value into the field on the task. Use this Custom Field to record and display information such as: 

  • Total number of bug reports

Animation demonstrating the number custom field.


The Status Custom Field allows you to display the status of a task or project. 

Animation demonstrating the status custom field.

Sprint Points

With the Sprint Points Custom Field, you can assign a number of spring points for any task or project. 

Animation demonstrating the sprint points custom field.


The Priority Custom Field allows you to change the priority level of your tasks and projects. 

Animation demonstrating the priority custom field.

Due Date

With the Due Date Custom Field, you can assign a due date for your tasks. 


The Comments Custom Field allows you to quickly leave a comment on any of the tasks in your Workspace. 


The Checkbox Custom Field gives your tasks a true or false checkbox. To learn more about Custom Fields and how to create your own, check out this article

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