ClickUp for Recruiting

The process of finding and recruiting new talent can be stressful and full of uncertainty. With ClickUp, you can create a rock-solid system to manage your talent search and interview process.

Set up your Structure

  1. Create a Space called Recruiting to organize your hiring process. Alternatively, you can organize your recruiting process in an existing Space that makes sense (Ex: Human Resources)

  2. Add in our Folder template called Hiring Candidates into this Space.

In the Folder, you can add a List for each department or open role. Place a task for each candidate you're interviewing in the appropriate List!

Important Features and Integrations

Custom Fields: Create unique task fields to manage interview phases, candidate contact information, deadlines, and more. You can even sort and filter these fields to zoom in on specific information.

In the picture above, we're using the email, phone, dropdown, link, checkbox, and note fields.

Templates: Save your Folder or Lists as templates so you can reuse their structures at any time. You can also create templates at the Space, task, and checklist levels.

Task Description: Create an interview scorecard that you can use for each candidate and role. This ensures that you have a standard with which to measure the success of your interviews. Remember to save this task as a template for easy access, and use our Slash Commands to add rich editing in the description in a flash!

Cloud Storage Integration: Easily attach and create cloud storage files directly in ClickUp tasks and Lists. This is the perfect way to associate resumes, offer letters, and interview notes with your candidate tasks.

Calendar View: Make sure that you're dedicating sufficient time to attend to candidate screenings and interviews by scheduling tasks on your ClickUp Calendar. You can even sync these tasks to your external calendar for viewing on the go!



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