Report on time tracking data

Need to see and report on your time tracking data? You can view time entry data throughout your Workspace, including in:

What you'll need

  • Time Reporting, Time Estimated (legacy), and Time Tracked (legacy) widgets are available on our Unlimited Plan and above

  • Timesheet and Billable Report widgets are available on our Business Plan and above

  • All other features mentioned in this article are available on every ClickUp Plan

  • Individual guests can use Time Tracking if a Workspace owner or admin has given them permission

Time Tracking Rollup

Show a sum total of time tracked including time entries from subtasks, any nested subtasks, and the task itself.

You can click on the Time Tracked field to reveal the breakdown of time entries between subtasks and the task itself.

Screenshot of the time tracking modal highlighting the breakdown of time tracked on this task and subtasks.

Time Tracking Dashboard Widgets

Several Time Tracking Dashboard widgets are available to provide comprehensive reporting that is easy to customize.

With Time Tracking Dashboard widgets you can:

  • See the total time each person in your Workspace has tracked

  • Filter by custom time labels and group time entries by different properties

  • View cumulative time tracking logs for each team member for accurate information on how time-consuming a List of tasks has been

  • View time tracked manually and automatically with our native ClickUp time tracking, Toggl, and Harvest

  • Export the data to take your time tracking data outside of ClickUp

Show Time Tracking data in views

Show Time tracking data in List view, Board view, and Calendar view.

You can filter views by Time Tracked to display tasks that meet the filter criteria.

  • Is set: tasks with time entries

  • Is not set: tasks with no time entries

  • Greater than: tasks with more than the specified amount of time tracked

  • Less than: tasks with less than the specific amount of time tracked

  • Equal to: tasks with exactly the specified amount of time tracked

View time tracked in List view

In List view, you can sort tasks by time tracked by adding the Time Tracked field and clicking on the column heading.

  1. Open a List view

  2. Click the + icon to add a column

  3. Select Show/Hide

  4. Scroll or search for Time Tracked

  5. Click on Time Tracked to add the column

  6. Hover over the column heading

  7. Click the sort button to sort the column

  8. Click the sort button again to flip the sort order

  9. Tasks in the List view will sorted by the amount of Time Tracked

Screenshot of the Time Tracked column in List view.

View time tracked in Board view

In Board view you can show Time Tracked on task cards.

  1. Open a Board view

  2. Click Show

  3. Click the Time Tracker toggle to add the Time Tracked field to task cards

Screenshot of the Time Tracked field on a task in Board view.

View time tracked in Calendar view

In Calendar view you can show Time Tracked on tasks.

  1. Open a Calendar view

  2. Click Show

  3. Scroll down to the Task card settings section

  4. Click Time Tracked to on to add the Time Tracked field to tasks

Screenshot showing the Show menu expanded with the time tracking option indicated.


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