See and create Doc Relationships

Connect tasks and Docs with page links to create relationships between your content and work.

Relate Docs and pages to each other to create databases of internal knowledge and public solutions.

Mention and link tasks and Docs to reference information and action items.

Docs and wikis

A wiki is a Doc that's prioritized as the source of truth. Unless specified, anything that applies to Docs also applies to wikis.

Learn more from our article Create a wiki.

Add and see Doc Relationships in Task view

Add related Docs to a task. And open those Docs from the task.

To add Doc Relationships in Task view:

  1. From the right side of a task, click the plus icon.
  2. Select the Doc.

To see Doc Relationships in Task view:

  1. From the right side of a task, click the Doc Links.
  2. Click to open the Doc.

Doc Relationship settings

Customize how Doc Relationships are displayed.

  1. From an open Doc's right sidebar, look at the arrows icon. If there is a badge on the icon, this Doc has a page link.

  2. Click the arrows icon.
  3. From the Relationships & References section, select one of the tabs:
    • Current Page: See the Relationships and References for just the current page. 
    • Entire Doc: See the Relationships and References for the entire Doc. 
  4. From the Options dropdown, select how the page links will display:

    • Dialog: The default. Relationship information can be found above the title of your page and by selecting the Relationships button.
      Image of the Relationships icon in the Doc header
    • Accordion: Appears below the title and above the page content. This option is perfect if you have very relevant items and want to display them front and center for your team.

      Click the arrow icon to expand or contract the Relationship section.

      Screenshot of a page highlighting the Relationships accordion option.
    • Off: Page links only appear in the Relationships tab of the right sidebar.

      If you're not relating a page to other Docs or tasks, or if related content is taking up too much space on the screen, you can use this setting to hide them.

Create Relationships

There are two ways to create Relationships with Docs in ClickUp:

  1. Page links.
  2. Mentions and hyperlinks.

Add a page link

To add a page link from a Doc:

  1. From a Doc, open the right sidebar and select Relationships & References, or select the Relationships & References icon from the quick access sidebar.

  2. Select Current Page or Entire Doc.

  3. Click the plus icon next to the page links heading.

  4. Select a task or Doc.

  5. Search or browse for the task or page.

  6. Select the task or page to create the page link.

Add a page link from Task view

Want to relate a Doc or page without leaving a task? Our Relationships feature makes it easy to add page links right from a Task view

Using the Create Relationship tab:

  1. To the right of the Activity section, click the plus icon.
  2. Click Link Doc.
  3. Search or browse for a Doc to link.

From the ellipsis ... menu:

  1. Open a task.
  2. In the top-right, click the ellipsis ... to open the Task settings menu.
  3. Select Relationships then click Doc.
  4. Search or browse for a Doc to link.

Mentions and hyperlinks

Relate Docs, pages, and tasks to each other simply by mentioning them!

You can also manually copy and paste the internal link to pages and Docs.

These are both great ways to relate content and tasks inside your content, or in conversation on tasks and comments!

Copy the link to a page

  1. Click the page settings ellipsis.
  2. Select Copy link.
  3. Paste the link wherever you need it!

Copy the link to a Doc

  1. Click the Doc settings icon on the right sidebar.
  2. Select Copy link.
  3. Paste the link wherever you need it!

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