Use wikis as the source of truth for ClickUp AI

Wikis are the primary source of truth when people in your Workspace ask ClickUp AI questions. 

You can create a wiki from the Docs Hub, a view, toolbar, Sidebar, location header, using /Slash Commands anywhere that accepts text, and a new or existing Doc.


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Use a wiki as the source of truth

One project can have several related Docs. Some are updated regularly and some aren't. Manage your organization's knowledge and ensure the most up-to-date info is easy to find. 

For example, there are several Docs and tasks about Project A and one wiki.

When I ask AI, What's the timeline for Project A? the info in the wiki informs AI's answer. Seven related Docs and tasks, and two Help Articles are only listed as resources. The wiki can be identified in this list of resources by its purple badge.

Screenshot of a wiki in the AI modal's resources. The wiki is the only resource with a purple badge.

Project A's product manager knew their Project A brief was most frequently updated. Product marked their brief as a wiki so it would be Project A's source of truth. 

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