Track Automations usage

Track the number of Actions used this month, and see how many you have left. When the limit has been exceeded, your Workspace's Automations are paused for that month.

What you'll need

  • The Workspace admin or owner must enable the Automation ClickApp.
  • Guests can't set up Automations.
  • The number of total active Automations that you can have in your Workspace depends on your plan:
    • Free Forever: 50 total active Automations.
    • Unlimited: 500 total active Automations.
    • Business and above: Unlimited total active Automations.
  • The number of Actions that can be completed per month depends on your plan:
    • Free Forever: 100 Actions/month.
    • Unlimited: 1,000 Actions/month.
    • Business: 10,000 Actions/Month. 
    • Business Plus: 25,000 Actions/month. 
    • Enterprise: 250,000 Actions/month. 
  • Action limits reset on the first of every month (PST).
  • Usage alert emails are sent to owners and admins of Workspaces when an Automations usage is at 90% and when usage is over 100%.
  • Business Plans and above can purchase more Automation Actions.
  • Webhook actions and Automation integrations are available for Business Plans and above.

Automations usage

There are two Automations usage limits that vary by plan:

  • Total Automations that are active in a Workspace. 
    • Inactive Automations do not count toward this total.
  • Total Automation Actions used per month.
    • Each triggered Automation in your Workspace counts as a use.
    • Your usage limits reset on the first of every month, Pacific Time.

Track Automations usage

Keep track of your Automations usage in the Usage tab of the Automations modal. Automations are not accessible from Everything view

To track your Automations:

    1. In the upper-right corner, click Automations.
    • From the Sidebar you can also click the ellipsis ... menu, select the Settings tab, then Automations.

    • At the top of the Automations menu, click Active automations.


      If there are active Automations set up in that location, you'll see a number next to the Automations option in the Settings menus. You'll also see a number next to Active automations.

  1. From the Automations modal, select the Usage tab.

  2. From the Usage page, you can:

    • Workspace usage: See your available monthly Actions/the number you've used this month.

    • Total Automations: See the number of active Automations in your Workspace/the lifetime number of Automations available for your plan.

    • Upgrade: Upgrade your plan to get more automations and Automations Actions.

    • Add-ons: Purchase add-on Automations if you are on the Business Plus Plan or above.

The usage tab will update with every ten Automation uses.
Usage alert emails will be automatically sent to owners and admins of Workspaces:

  • When the Workspace has used 90% of their monthly Automations.

  • When the Workspace has used over 100% of their monthly Automations.

Purchase Automations add-ons

Owners and admins can purchase add-ons right from the Billing page in Workspace settings.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.

  2. From the Settings menu, select Billing.

  3. In the upper-left corner, select the Add-ons tab.

  4. In the Extra Automations section, click Buy.

  5. In the Order Summary select your saved card or enter a new credit card.

  6. Click Upgrade.

The amount of the add-on will be prorated to match the amount of time you have left in your billing cycle.

For example, if you have six months left in your yearly billing cycle and the total amount of the add-on is $400 per year, then you will be charged $200.

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