Beta feature: Add Sprints with a custom duration

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Custom Sprint duration is currently in beta, and only available if you opt in on the ClickApps page. Once you opt into the Custom Sprint Duration ClickApp, you're not able to opt back out.

Customize your sprint dates to work around holidays, team events, planning days, short sprints to burn down bug fixes, and longer sprints to launch big new features.

Custom Sprint durations let you adjust individual sprints without changing the default cadence set for your Sprint Folder or Workspace.

Currently, Custom Sprints do not support Sprint Automations and Sprint Dashboard cards. Sprint cards will not display accurate information for sprints that use a custom duration.

What you'll need

  • Sprints and custom Sprints are available on every ClickUp Plan

  • 100 uses of Sprint Points are available on our Free Forever and Unlimited Plans

  • Unlimited Sprint Points are available on our Business Plan and above

  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Sprints ClickApp

  • Guests can work on tasks in Sprints, just like regular tasks

Widgets were renamed to cards on March 9th, 2023.

Enable custom Sprint durations

Admins and owners can enable this ClickApp.

Custom Sprint duration is currently in beta and only available if you opt-in on the ClickApps page. Once you opt into the Custom Sprint durations, you cannot opt-out.

To enable custom Sprint durations in your Workspace:

  1. In the lower-left corner, click your avatar.
  2. Select ClickApps.
  3. Scroll or search for the Sprints ClickApp.
  4. Click Enable Custom Sprint Durations (beta).
  5. Click Confirm to enable this beta feature.

Default Sprint settings and custom Sprint durations

Sprints with a custom duration work alongside sprints that use your Workspace or Sprint Folder default Sprint settings.

Adding a Sprint with a custom duration may overlap with other sprints. You may need to update future sprints to accommodate Sprints with a custom duration.

For example:

  • Your default Sprints have a duration of 1 week, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.

  • You add a Sprint with a custom duration from Wednesday to Sunday to allow your team to join a training course on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Two Sprints later, you add a Sprint that ends on Thursday to accommodate a public holiday long weekend.

Here's what the above Sprint cadence will look like:

  • Sprint 1 (default): Monday - Sunday

  • Sprint 2 (custom): Wednesday - Sunday

  • Sprint 3 (default): Monday - Sunday

  • Sprint 4 (custom): Monday - Thursday

  • Sprint 5 (default): Monday - Sunday


The team have decided not to push features to production over a 2 week holiday break, but they'll still be working on a few requests.

  • You add a 2 week long Sprint over the holiday break.

Here's the Sprint cadence:

  • Sprint 1 (default): Monday 12 December - Sunday 18 December

  • Sprint 2 (custom): Monday 19 December - Sunday 1st January

  • Sprint 3 (default): Monday 2nd January - Sunday 8th January


Add a Sprint with a custom duration

Once you have created a Sprint Folder, you can add Sprints with the default Sprint settings or add a Sprint with custom duration.


  1. Click the plus icon on a Sprint Folder and select Sprint.
    Screenshot of the option to create a sprint from a sprint Folder.

  2. Set your Sprint Duration:

    • Set a specific number of weeks for your Sprint. The Start and End dates will respect your default Sprint start day. You can choose an alternative start date, but you can't pick an alternative end date.

    • Set your Sprint Duration to Custom. You can create a sprint that starts and ends on specific dates.

  3. Set your Start date to start your sprint on a different date.

    Picking a start date other than your default start day will automatically set the Sprint Duration to Custom.

  4. Set your End date.

    You can pick an alternative end date for a Sprint with a custom duration. If you picked a specific number of weeks for your Sprint Duration, you cannot adjust the end date.

  5. Enter the number of Sprints to create (up to 50).

    If you create more than one sprint, they will all use your customized Sprint settings.

  6. Click More options.

  7. Enter a Sprint Goal which will appear in the List Info description field for each Sprint you create.

  8. Click Create Sprints to add them to the Sprint Folder.

Screenshot of a new sprint with a custom duration.

Edit an existing sprint

You can customize existing Sprints to adjust them.


  1. Click the ellipsis ... on a Sprint List in the Sidebar.

  2. Click Edit Sprint.
    Screenshot of the opetion to edit an existing sprint.

  3. Adjust the Sprint Duration, Start date, End date, or Sprint Goal.

  4. Click Save changes.

  5. Your sprint will be updated to reflect your changes.


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