Introduzione agli sprint

Easily create and manage sprints with the Sprints ClickApp!

This ClickApp provides settings specific to sprint project management while maintaining ClickUp's core features and flexibility. 

What you'll need

  • Sprints are available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Sprint Automations and Sprint Dashboard cards are available on the Business Plan and above.

  • 100 uses of Sprint Points are available on our Free Forever and Unlimited Plans.

  • Unlimited Sprint Points are available on our Business Plan and above.

  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Sprints ClickApp.

  • Guests can work on tasks in sprints, just like regular tasks.

Abilitare la ClickApp Sprint 

You can enable the Sprints ClickApp at the Workspace level or for individual Spaces.

To enable the Sprints ClickApp for your Workspace:

  1. Fai clic sull'avatar della tua area di lavoro.

  2. Select ClickApps.

  3. Browse or search for the Sprints ClickApp.

  4. Click the toggle to enable sprints in all Spaces. The Spaces modal will display. By default, sprints are enabled in all Spaces. You can uncheck any Spaces that won't use sprints. 

    • Puoi abilitare la durata personalizzata degli sprint

      Custom Sprint Duration is currently in beta and only available if you opt-in. Once you opt-in, you can't opt-out. It can only be enabled from your Workspace settings, not the Sidebar.

    • Puoi modificare le impostazioni predefinite degli sprint.

      Editing settings now will set the default sprint settings for all new Sprint Folders created in your Workspace. You can edit the Workspace default sprint settings later, but they will only apply to new Sprint Folders.

Abilitare la ClickApp Sprint per un singolo spazio 

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to the Space.
  2. Select More settings then All Space settings.
  3. From the Edit Space modal's ClickApps tab, select the Sprint icon.
  4. Click Sprints.  
    • Puoi modificare le impostazioni predefinite degli sprint.

      Editing settings now will set the default sprint settings for all new Sprint Folders created in your Workspace. You can edit the Workspace default sprint settings later, but they will only apply to new Sprint Folders.

  5. Click Review changes then Save changes
For the best sprint experience, enable Tasks in multiple Lists. Consider enabling Subtasks in multiple Lists. Also, ensure your Spaces have the appropriate Statuses for your tasks!

Edit default Sprint settings

You can customize the default Sprint settings for your Workspace. Using the same Sprint settings ensures all your teams use the same sprint cadence.

You can also customize Sprint settings for each Sprint Folder. This is helpful if a particular team uses a different sprint cadence than the rest of your organization.

For example, your software engineering teams use weekly sprints. Your website development team uses a sprint duration of two weeks. 

The Workspace default Sprint settings have a Sprint Duration of 1 week. All new Sprint Folders and individual sprints throughout your Workspace are one week long. The website development team's Sprint Folder is set with a default Sprint Duration of 2 weeks. Their sprints are two weeks long. 

Per accedere alle impostazioni predefinite degli sprint per la tua area di lavoro:

  1. Nella ClickApp Sprint delle impostazioni della tua area di lavoro, fai clic sul link Impostazioni predefinite.   
    La finestra modale sotto avrà un aspetto leggermente diverso se nella tua area di lavoro è abilitata la funzione beta delle durate personalizzate degli sprint

    In the modal's Automations section, Sprint Automations that have already been set up will display. By default, When Sprint ends then Mark Sprint as Done is enabled. This can't be disabled. 

    The Sprint Automation to mark sprints as done was permanently enabled for all new and existing Sprint Folders on all ClickUp plans on March 17, 2023.


Nella finestra modale Impostazioni predefinite per cartelle Sprint puoi gestire il nome, la durata e le altre impostazioni opzionali degli sprint. 

To edit the default sprint settings for your Workspace:

  • Sprint name: Customize the name of the Sprints in this Sprint Folder. In this field, you can use the following variables:
    • {INDEX}: The default for this variable is sequential numbers starting with 1. In addition to a number, you can give the sprint a unique name. This field must include {Index}, and it cannot be edited after creating a Sprint Folder.  
    • {START_DATE}: The start date of each sprint.
    • {END_DATE}: The end date of each sprint.
    • To include all Sprint name variables, enter Sprint name {INDEX} {START_DATE}- {END_DATE} into the Sprint name field.
  • Sprint Duration: By default, this is 1 week. You can choose another duration option.
  • Formato data: per impostazione predefinita, il formato della data è M/G. Puoi scegliere un altro formato di data.
  • Fuso orario dello sprint: per impostazione predefinita è il fuso orario della persona che ha creato la cartella Sprint. Se le persone del team si trovano in un altro fuso orario, scegli un fuso orario condiviso allineato al giorno e all'ora di inizio dello sprint del team.
    Può essere un fuso orario diverso rispetto a quello impostato nelle tue impostazioni personali.
  • Sprint Start Day: By default, this Monday. You can choose another day.
  • Start time: By default, this is 12 a.m. You can choose another time.
  • Non-working days: By default, this is Sunday, Saturday. Choose which days of the week your team does not work. These days aren't reflected in your sprint reporting as days when no work was done.
  • Measure of effort: The choices to measure effort are Sprint Points and Time Estimates. Only legacy Sprint cards support the use of the Story Points Custom Field.
  • Opzioni di blocco della previsione: la previsione è la quantità di lavoro che il tuo team stima per ciascuno Sprint. Queste impostazioni vengono utilizzate nelle nostre nuove schede Velocità, Burnup e Burndown per calcolare lo stato del team.

After configuring your settings click Save Settings. Additional default sprint settings and Automations can be enabled on each Sprint Folder.

Next steps

Now that the Sprints ClickApp is enabled, you can start using Sprints to manage your projects.


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