Use Cases for Goals

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Goals are high-level objectives that are made up of smaller, measurable Targets. You can use Goals to track progress on objectives like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), sprints, or weekly scorecards. Check out some real-world examples below!

What you'll need

  • 100 uses of Goals are available on the Free Forever Plan

  • Unlimited uses are available on all paid Plans

  • Guests can be invited to use Goals.

Real-world examples

Project Goals

You're managing a house renovation and want to track overall progress to your goal. Each room you're renovating has its own List of tasks.

  1. Set up a Goal called House renovation.

  2. Using the Task Target type, create one Target for each room being renovated.

  3. Add the associated List. For example, the Target called Kitchen uses a List called Kitchen renovation.

  4. Assign each Target to the the person managing the project.

  5. As the tasks in each List are competed, your house renovation Targets will update automatically! The Goal percentage completion chart shows you how much overall progress you're making towards finishing your project.

Example goal with Task Target types.

Personal Goals

You're an aspiring chef setting a goal to create three new recipes a week.

  1. Set up a Goal using the True/False Target type.

  2. Add one Target for each recipe.

  3. As each recipe is finalized, click on the Target to mark it as complete.

  4. Create a Goal for each week to track your progress. Bon appetite!

Example of goal setup using True/False Target type

Weekly Scorecards

You manage a team of content marketers. Each one has a goal of publishing three new blog posts a week.

  1. Set up a Goal for each person on your team. You can create a Goal Folder for each week's Goals.

  2. Use the Number Target type, and set it to three.

  3. As your team completes work, have them increase the number by however many posts they made for the week.

Example featuring four individual goals


With Goals, you can define how to achieve your objectives through measurable actions with Targets. That way, your team can focus on specific activities and results they need to achieve the Goal.

Your team has a goal increase your profits by 25% year-over-year.

  1. Create a Goal called Increase profit.

  2. Use the Currency Target type, and add the dollar amount you want to reach.

  3. Update your Target as your track your profit growth over time.

Examples of other Targets (key results) you can set to meet your Goal:

Currency Target type examples

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