Use ClickUp to track goals and OKRs

Track goals and OKRs in ClickUp!

What you'll need

Organize your Hierarchy

Set up your Workspace Hierarchy for goal and OKR tracking.

Use the flexibility of the ClickUp Hierarchy to organize and execute your goals and OKRs. Below are some Workspace Hierarchy best practices for goals and OKRs.

Use one of our goals and OKRs templates to get started quickly.

Organize Spaces

Create one Space for all of your goals and OKRs!

Organize Folders and Lists

We recommend creating Folders for company-wide, departmental, quarterly, or region-based goals and OKRs. Based on your business, a combination may be the ideal solution.

The Lists you create will depend on your Folder organization. For example, a region-based goals and OKRs Folder could contain a List for each region.

Screenshot of someone's Hierarchy organized for tracking goals and OKRs.

Organize tasks

You can create one task for each goal or OKR. Assign an individual or Team to the task, set a due date, and add as much detail as you want.

Then customize your tasks using Custom Fields!

Use Custom Fields

Use Custom Fields for tracking goals and OKRs.

Create Custom Fields to add important context to your goals and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). We recommend the following Custom Field types:

Progress (Auto)

The Progress (Auto) Custom Field is a progress bar that automatically tracks the completion of subtasks, checklists, and assigned comments.

Screenshot of the Progress (Auto) Custom Field.


Create a Dropdown Custom Field to categorize goals and OKRs.

You can also use Label Custom Fields for an additional layer of categorization.

Screenshot of a Dropdown Custom Field.


If there is a website associated with the goal or OKR, use the Website Custom Field to quickly access it.


Track your team's budget and spend using Money Custom Fields.


Create Number Custom Fields to track baseline, target, and actual numbers.


Use a Formula Custom Field to calculate your team's progress. For the example below, we used the following formula:

CONCATENATE(ROUND((field("Baseline")-field("Actual"))/(field("Baseline")-field("Target"))*100,0),' ','%')

Screenshot of the formula used to calculate a team's progress on a task.


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