Line Chart cards

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The Line Chart Dashboard card is a custom card available in our Dashboard feature that allows you to visualize changes to data over time!

Screenshot of a Line Chart card.

Widgets were renamed to cards on March 9th, 2023.

How to create a Line Chart Dashboard card

  1. Create or view a Dashboard

  2. Click on + Add a card

  3. Select Custom cards and pick Line Chart

  4. Give your card a name (this is optional, and you can rename it later!)

  5. Choose your preferences

  6. Click Add card

GIF demonstrating how to create a Line Chart card.

Line Chart Options


Choose which Spaces, Folders, and Lists to include in the card

Time Range

Include data from this year, this month, this week, or set a custom range of dates.

Choose the scale for the x-axis: by days, by weeks, or by months

Y Axis

Select the data point you want to use for the line chart including tasks, time estimates, the average age of tasks, Sprint points, and Custom Fields.

Group by

Group by options help organize your data points.

For example, when the y axis is tasks and the group by option is status, each status will be displayed as a separate line. Each data point on the line will reflect the number of tasks that were in that status on that date.


Instead of showing lines with data points, the chart will be displayed as a stacked area chart. Each color coded area will add to the total y-axis value.

Include subtasks

This option allows you to include subtasks in the chart data.

Include archived

This option allows you to include archived tasks in the chart data.

Show closed

This option allows you to include closed tasks in your data.

Include tasks in Multiple Lists

This option allows you to include Tasks in Multiple Lists.

If you include locations that have Tasks in Multiple Lists, those tasks will be included for each location and will impact the values present in your chart.

Show changes from day to day (instead of actual values)

This option displays the difference day by day, rather than the value selected in the y axis and other options listed above.

For example, when your data includes 0 tasks in progress on Monday, and 5 tasks in progress on Tuesday and 3 tasks in progress on Wednesday; the Line Chart card will show a value of 5 for Tuesday and -2 for Wednesday.

Task Filter

Use filters to further refine the data to include in your chart.

Card options

Once your card is created, you can hover over it to reveal several options in the upper-right corner.

Your Dashboard must be in Edit mode to see all options.

Options include:

Card option Description

Refresh card

Refresh the card's data immediately.
Settings Open the card settings to make changes.
Filters Filter the tasks shown on your card.

View in full screen

View the card in full screen.
Ellipsis ... menu

See the following options:

  • Duplicate
  • Show legend
  • Export as PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, or CSV
  • Delete card

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