Change your email and password

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You can change your email or password at any time from My Settings.

When you change your password, you may see a warning about your password being compromised in a data breach on another site.

You can use a compromised password, but we strongly recommend choosing a strong and secure password that has not been compromised.

Change your email or password

To change your email or password:
  1. In the lower-left corner, click your personal avatar.
  2. Choose My Settings from the menu.
  3. Enter your new email or password.
  4. Click Save in the lower right.


If you forget your password, you can reset your password by clicking here and selecting Forgot Password.

When to contact us

You may need to contact customer support at if you:
  • Lost access to your SMS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) device and can't log in.
  • Lost access to your TOTP Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) device and can't log in.
  • Entered the wrong email address and can't access the confirmation code.

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