Create custom integrations with Make

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Think of Make (formerly Integromat) as glue that connects ClickUp with 1,000+ tools, with zero technical skill required! 

Each scenario (workflow) is built by setting up an event in one of your apps - a trigger -  that kicks off an event in another of your apps - an action - to complete the workflow. 

For example, a teammate changing a task's status to "Review" in ClickUp can trigger a message to your email reminding you to take a look. Alternatively, the action of creating a task in ClickUp can be triggered by events in other apps, such as comments being posted to a Slack channel. 


  • “For each Google Form submission, create a task in ClickUp with form contents in the description”

  • “If Wes emails me, create a task in ClickUp with the email's subject line as the task title, the content as the description, and me as the assignee.”

How to get started

  1. Visit the Make website to get started

  2. Authenticate your apps
    - You can do this by creating a new scenario, clicking Add > Connection name > Continue.

  3. Choose your trigger settings

  4. Link that trigger to an action 

  5. Name your scenario

  6. You're all set!

Screenshot of a Make scenario featuring the ClickUp integration.

Space, Folder, and List IDs

You can use ClickUp triggers, actions, and searches in your Make scenarios.

Some triggers, actions, and searches may require you to provide the Space, Folder, or List ID.

These IDs work just like task IDs to identify a unique location in your Workspace and can be found using the ClickUp API to explore your Workspace Hierarchy.

ClickUp triggers

  • Watch Spaces

  • Watch Folders

  • Watch Lists

  • Watch tasks

  • and more!

ClickUp actions

  • Add tag to a task

  • Create a Folder

  • Create, edit, or delete a checklist item

  • Create, edit, or delete a tag

  • Get, create, edit, or delete a task

  • Get, create, edit, or delete a List

  • Make an API call

  • Upload task attachment

  • Add tracked time

  • Edit a task with custom fields

  • Post a task comment

  • and more!

ClickUp searches

Searches return zero, one or multiple bundles to be passed onto the next module for processing. For example, Get Tasks returns all the tasks for a selected team.

  • List all accessible custom fields 

  • List all Lists

  • List all tags

  • List all Workspaces

  • List all Folders

  • List all Spaces

  • List all tasks

  • List all filtered tasks

  • List tracked time

  • and more!

Learn more about triggers, actions, and searches.


Make has a ton of templates created for its users. You can check them out here!

Screenshot of the Templates available in Make that work with ClickUp.

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