Enable Okta single sign-on integration

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We provide an easy-to-use integration with Okta to support SSO for you or everyone in your Workspace.

ClickUp also allows you to use single sign-on (SSO) with any Identity Provider (IDP) that supports SAML 2.0.

What you'll need

  • SSO using Okta is available on our Enterprise Plan

  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable Okta SSO for your Workspace

  • An Okta Admin account

Add ClickUp to your Okta account

Follow these steps to add ClickUp to your Okta account for the first time.

  1. Log in to your organization's Okta Admin Dashboard.

  2. Select the Applications tab.

  3. Select Applications.

    Screenshot of Okta Admin Dashboard showing the Applications tab and the Applications page.
  4. Click the Browse App Catalog button.

  5. From the Browse App Integration Catalog use the search bar to find ClickUp.

  6. From the ClickUp Overview page click the Add button and you'll be directed to General Settings.

  7. Configure your settings and click Done.

Set up the integration for your Workspace

You'll need to copy and paste info between your ClickUp account and your Okta account. It'll be helpful to have both open before reading these steps.

  1. Once you've added the ClickUp app to Okta, you can click the Admin button in the upper-right of the User Dashboard to access your Admin Dashboard for ClickUp.

    Screenshot of the Okta User dashboard and the Admin button.
  2. Select the Applications tab and select Applications.

  3. Select the ClickUp app you just added.

  4. Select the Sign On tab and click the Edit button.

    Screenshot from Okta of the Edit button in the Sign On tab.
  5. In ClickUp, click your Workspace avatar and select Security & Permissions.

  6. In the Single sign-on section, select Okta.

  7. Copy the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) and the Single sign-on URL from ClickUp, and paste them into the matching fields in Okta.

    1. The Single sign-on URL field is sometimes called the Service URL or Assertion endpoint (ACS).

  8. From Okta, select the Assignments tab and add yourself and any other Okta users who should have access to the ClickUp app.

  9. Select the Sign On tab.

  10. From the yellow text box, copy the Identity Provider metadata link.

  11. From ClickUp, paste the link into the Identity Provider metadata field.

    Screenshot of ClickUp Single sign-on section showing the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) and the Single sign-on URL fields.
  12. Click Save metadata.

  13. Click Authenticate with Okta to complete setup.

  14. You'll be redirected to Okta Sign In where you must sign in to complete the integration

  15. After signing in to Okta, you'll be redirected to ClickUp Workspace Settings where you can manage your SSO preferences

Require the use of Okta SSO

Workspace admins can choose to require the use of Okta SSO.

  • All users must use Okta auth/All users except guests must use Okta auth: Users (or all users except guests) are required to sign in with their Okta account in order to access your Workspace.

  • Using Okta auth is optional: Users can choose to sign with their Okta account in order to access your Workspace but they aren't required to.

After an admin requires Okta auth, users will be prompted to link their Okta account to ClickUp the next time they sign in.

Sign in to your account with Okta

If Okta SSO is required, a Sign in with Okta button displays after you type your email address into the log in page.

Screenshot of the option to sign in with Okta.

If Okta SSO is not required, you can access the Sign in with Okta button by clicking the or login with SSO link underneath the Log In button.

Screenshot of the option to login with SSO.

Link, unlink, or re-link your account to Okta

Once a Workspace admin requires Okta SSO, each user must link their account to use it.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar and select My Settings

  2. Scroll down to the Single Sign-On section

    • Click the Link button to sign in with Okta

    • Click the Unlink button to stop signing in with Okta

    • Click the Re-link button to associate your account with a different Okta account

Note: When Okta SSO isn't enabled successfully in a Workspace, the Link button is not available.

View Okta users in ClickUp

Admins can easily see who all on their Workspace has linked their Okta account to ClickUp.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar and select Settings.

  2. From the Settings menu, select People.

  3. Users with an Okta icon have setup SSO.

Enable SSO from Okta to two ClickUp Workspaces

You can access two Workspaces using the same Okta environment. You can also use a Google or Microsoft environment.

  1. Configure Okta SSO in one Workspace using the standard integration explained above

  2. Configure a Custom SAML application in your Okta environment to connect to the other ClickUp Workspace

  3. If SSO is required for these Workspaces, when you sign in to your ClickUp account you'll be prompted to sign into both Workspaces

You now have two Okta instances using the same directory, user name, and password across two Workspaces.

Using the Okta option in two different Workspaces doesn't work because the Okta ID is tied to one Workspace.

Okta support for provisioning and Custom Roles

Only Okta can be used for provisioning at this time.

For Enterprise teams that rely on Okta for provisioning, Custom Roles fully integrate with Okta.

Any role created in ClickUp can be added as an option within Okta, using the Okta SCIM ClickUp Configuration.

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