Reactions to Comments

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Communication and speed are essential parts of maintaining a productive workflow.

Reacting to comments in ClickUp allows you to quickly communicate acknowledgment and understanding whenever your colleagues update a task.

How to react to comments

On the bottom left of a comment, you'll see the "thumbs up" icon and a smiley icon with a plus sign. Simply click the 👍 to give a quick like to a comment or click the 😄 to add one (or more) emojis to express exactly how you're feeling.

Note: This ClickApp must be toggled on in order to start adding reactions.

There are three places you can like comments in ClickUp:

In a Task

Gif showcasing how to add an emoji to a task comment.

In Notifications

Image showing where to leave reactions to a comment while in your ClickUp Notifications.

In a Chat View

Image showcasing where to leave reactions on comments in Chat view.


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