Sprints and views

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Take advantage of the power of views in ClickUp to manage your Sprints and tasks.

Recommended views

Try these views with your Sprints to take control of your Sprint.

  • List view: view, group, filter, and bulk edit tasks quickly and easily

  • Board view: works just like a Kanban board where tasks are represented as cards

  • Box view: Use Sprint Points or a Custom Field to show your team's progress

    • Use the workload chart on our Business Plan to see your team's capacity

View Sprint details

Views in Sprints display the following details in the top left corner.

  • Sprint Status: Not Started (Gray), In Progress (Blue), and Done (Green)

  • Sprint start and end dates

  • Sprint estimation: The total amount of work you have in your Sprint

Screenshot of the Sprint fields shown at the top of a view

Add Sprints column

See which Sprints your tasks are in by adding the Sprints field to your List and Table views. This is especially helpful for planning and managing your product roadmap.

Tip: If you're using a backlog List with Tasks in Multiple Lists, this is a great way to see which tasks have been added to Sprints!

  1. Click the Add field icon

  2. Browse or search for Sprints

  3. Click Sprints to add the column to your view

  4. Add tasks to Sprints by clicking the small plus icon

  5. Hover over the Sprint to see its location

Screenshot of the Sprints column added to a view

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