Multiple Assignees vs Single Assignees

Some people want more than one person assigned to a task, whereas others firmly believe that only one person should own the responsibility for a single task.

Since people from these two walks of life tend to feel adamant about their preferences, we decided to let you make the choice! The Multiple Assignees ClickApp can be turned on or off for each Space.

Note: You can assign Teams (User Groups) in addition to an individual whether this ClickApp is turned on or off. 

How do I change Assignees Settings?

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the lower left corner

  2. Select “ClickApps”

  3. Enable the Multiple Assignees ClickApp for your desired Spaces

Single Assignees 

Only one person (and a Team!) can be assigned to a task. If you select another individual, then the assignee for the task will change immediately. 

Multiple Assignees

Toggle on the multiple assignees ClickApp to be able to assign multiple people to one task.

One or more people can be assigned to tasks. When you select people, they'll be added as task assignees. Simply click the 'x' above a user's avatar to unselect them, or you can use the 'reassign' feature to instantly remove current assignees and reassign to only one person. 

Sorting and Filtering with Multiple Assignees

Once you've enabled multiple assignees within a Space, you can begin to sort and filter your tasks by multiple assignees in List, Board and Calendar views.

Just click on the filter button, or select the "assignee" sorting option from the columns shown above your List of tasks!


Q: Can I change this setting after creating a Space

A: Sure! Space admins can change this at any time from Space Settings. 

Q: If I have multiple assignees and one of them closes a task, will that close the task for all of the assignees?

A: Yes. If one assignee closes the task, it will be closed for all of the task's assignees. If you want assignees to be warned before closing a task with incomplete items, check out this page!

Q: What happens if I disable the Multiple Assignees ClickApp? Will my tasks change?

A: If you disable the ClickApp, any tasks that already have multiple assignees will keep all assignees intact. Once assignees are removed, you won't be able to add more than one assignee to a task without re-enabling the ClickApp.

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