Use the Reminders card in Home

Use the Reminders card in Home to see your reminders categorized by due date. 

Screenshot of the Reminders card.

What you'll need

  • The Reminders card in Home is available on every ClickUp plan.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use the Reminders card in Home.

Take action on reminders

Reminders are organized by due date into three categories:

  • Today: Reminders due today.
  • Overdue: Reminders that are overdue.
  • Next: Reminders with a due date in the future.

Click any reminder to open it. Hover over any reminder to see the following options:

Option Description
Reorder Click the drag handle to the left of a reminder to reorder it.
Attach File Attach a file to the reminder.
Add to List Convert the reminder to a task and add it to a List.
Delegate Delegate the reminder to someone else.
Notify me

Customize when you want to be notified of the reminder. Options include:

On due date

10 minutes before

1 hour before


Don't notify

Delete Delete the reminder. If it is a recurring reminder, deleting it will not stop future recurrences.
Snooze Reminder Choose a new due date and time for the reminder.
Done Mark the reminder as complete.

Add reminders

To create a reminder from the Reminders card:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the card, click the plus icon.
    • You can also click Add Reminder under the Today, Overdue, or Next categories.
  2. Name the reminder and add optional details or attachments.
  3. Click Create Reminder.

See completed reminders

To see all completed reminders, click the Done tab at the top of the card.

See Delegated Reminders

To see all incomplete reminders you have delegated to others, click the Delegated tab at the top of the card.

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