Multiple Assignees FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using the Multiple Assignees ClickApp.

Can I change this setting after creating a Space

Yes. Workspace admins and owners can toggle this ClickApp on or off at any time.

If I have multiple assignees on a task and one of the assignees moves it to a Closed status, will that close the task for all of the assignees?

Yes. If one assignee closes the task, it will be closed for all of the task's assignees. If you want assignees to be warned before closing a task with incomplete items, enable the Incomplete Warning ClickApp.

What happens if I disable the Multiple Assignees ClickApp? Will my tasks change?

If you disable the ClickApp, any tasks that already have multiple assignees will keep all assignees intact. Once assignees are removed, you won't be able to add more than one assignee to a task without re-enabling the ClickApp.

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