Status cards

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Status cards are part of our Dashboards feature and are excellent for providing insights into how statuses are used throughout your Workspace.

Widgets were renamed to cards on March 9th, 2023.

Dashboards are available with all paid plans, although some cards are reserved for the Business Plan.

Available Status Cards

Workload by Status

View your tasks broken down by statuses in three different display options:

  • Pie chart

  • Battery chart

  • Bar chart


Status Over Time

See how many tasks fall under each status within a specific time range, organized in a line graph by days, weeks, or months!


Number of Tasks: In Progress, Completed or Closed

These three cards are super helpful for helping you stay connected to exactly how many tasks are in which statuses in any location you choose!

Each card will show the number of tasks that fall under that status category:

  • In Progress: Any tasks that are not Done, Closed, or Not Started status.
  • Completed: Includes tasks that are in a Done or Closed status.
  • Closed: Includes tasks that are in the Closed status.


Time in Status

The Time in Status card allows you to view the cumulative time that tasks have spent in specific statuses. To use this card, a Workspace admin+ will need to enable the Time in Status ClickApp.

To get started, choose the time period and locations you want to report on, and the card will display a Bar Graph with the total hours that tasks collectively spent in each status!

The Average in the upper-right corner displays the average amount of time for all represented statuses.

Create a Status Card

  1. Open your Dashboard

  2. Select the "Statuses" category and choose the card you want

  3. Adjust the card settings to your specifications!

You can search for Custom Fields to add them to your Dashboard card.

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