Create Dependency Relationships in views

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Create Dependency Relationships between tasks in List, Board, Calendar, and Gantt views.

What you'll need

Task view 3.0 is currently in beta. Join the 3.0 waitlist.

See and create dependencies in views

 Tasks with dependencies are displayed with a dependency icon next to the task name in List, Board, and Calendar views.

There are three ways to open the Dependency Relationships modal from views:

  • Click the Dependency icon.
  • Right-click a task and select Dependencies.
  • Hover over a task, click the ellipsis ... menu on the right, then select Dependencies.

From the dependency modal, you can add and remove tasks.

Screenshot of the Relationships section of Task view.

Add the Dependencies column to List view

You can also display Dependency Relationships as a column in List view.

  1. Click the + icon in the top right corner. 

  2. Select Dependencies from the menu.

  3. The Dependencies column will display any waiting on or blocking tasks.

Add tasks in the Dependencies column

Once you've added the dependencies column to a List view, you can create dependencies.

To add waiting on and blocking tasks:

  1. Click the Dependencies field on a task.
  2. Select Waiting on or Blocking.
  3. Search or browse for another task.

Unlink tasks from the Dependencies column

Once you've added the dependencies column to a List view, you can unlink dependencies.

To unlink dependent tasks:

  1. Click on the Dependencies field on a task.
  2. Hover over an existing waiting on or blocking task.
  3. Click the x on the right.

See dependencies in Gantt view

You can view dependencies in Gantt view.

Dependency Relationships are displayed as arrows connecting tasks. The direction of the arrow represents the type of dependency.

For example, task A is blocking task B. The arrow will start at task A and end at task B.

Create dependencies in Gantt view

You can create dependencies in Gantt view.

Gif of someone adding a dependency in Gantt view.

To create a dependency between two tasks:

  1. Open a Gantt view.
  2. Hover over a task to reveal the connector icon.
  3. Click the connector icon at the start or end of a task.
  4. Drag the line to the start or end of another task.
  5. Release the mouse button to create the dependency.

To remove a dependency between tasks, double-click the line between tasks.


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