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Organize your task, image, and Doc comments by nesting your replies with the threaded comments ClickApp, or quickly quote a specific part of a previous comment for detailed communications!

Threaded comments work by starting a completely new conversation right underneath a parent comment in your tasks, allowing for more focused discussions.

Screenshot highlighting the 'reply' option in a task comment.

How to add a threaded comment [ClickApp]

  1. Locate a comment in a task's activity

  2. Hover below the comment you wish to reply to

  3. Click Reply

  4. Add your comment.

How it works

  • You'll only be notified about activity on threads you are part of. This means when you get mentioned or assigned a comment on a thread, you're now part of that thread.

  • Unread threads will appear in the threaded comments icon in the task.

  • If you don't want to use threaded comments, simply turn off the ClickApp!

How to quote a comment

Highlight text to address specific parts of a comment! This is especially useful if someone asks you multiple questions in a comment or there's lots of activity in your task.

  1. Open a task

  2. Highlight the text you want to reply to

  3. Click Quote

  4. Add your comment

How it works

  • The text you are replying to will be included as a quote in your comment

  • The person you are replying to will be tagged 


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