Use Form view for software teams

You can use Form view to collect information and streamline the creation of tasks in your software team's Workspace. 

For software teams, we recommend using Form view for the following workflows: 

Report bugs 

With a ClickUp Form, your team can report internal bugs and feature requests. 


Image of a bug reporting form

When the bug Form has been submitted, a task is created with all of the information needed for initial prioritizing and resolution. 


Image of the Complete Bugs Tracking List


With only one place to go to report bugs and feature requests, this approach create efficiency and provides clarity for employees and software team members. 

Product requests

With a product request Form, all requests, whether submitted externally or internally, can be brought into one List for full visibility and alignment across your software team, enabling them to prioritize properly and track the requests. 


Image of the product request form


To learn how to create these Forms in your Workspace, check out this article


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