ClickUp for software teams overview

In the following articles, learn how to set up your Workspace to maximize the efficiency of your software team. 

Organize your hierarchy for software teams

From Spaces to tasks, learn how to set up your Workspace hierarchy for your software team. 

Animation showing the hierarchy structure in ClickUp.

Use templates for software teams

Learn how to take advantage of premade Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, Docs, views, and Checklists in your software teams Workspace, including the Software Teams Space template which can be used to create a ready-to-use Space in your Workspace with the settings and items that we recommend in this guide. 

Use Custom Fields for software teams

Learn about the types of Custom Fields that can help your software team easily manage project information. 

Use integrations for software teams 

Read about the integrations available for your software team that will help to keep all of your work in one place. 

Use Automations for software teams 

Learn about some of the Automations that we recommend for building an efficient software team Workspace. 

Use Docs for software teams

Learn how to use Docs as a knowledge center and reporting hub for your software team. 

Use Form view for software teams

Learn how to use Form view to report bugs and product requests to your software team. 

Additional resources

Be sure to check out these other resources for setting up your Workspace for your software team: 


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