Dashboard cards

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Customizable cards are the building blocks of Dashboards. Use common charts, specialized cards for time tracking and sprints, add rich text blocks, conversations, and embed anything.

Widgets were renamed to cards on March 9th, 2023.

What you'll need

  • 100 uses of Dashboards are available on the Free Forever Plan.

  • Unlimited uses of Dashboards are available on the Unlimited Plan and above.

  • Some cards are only available on the Business Plan and above.

  • The Dashboards ClickApp is enabled in every new Workspace by default, but a Workspace owner or admin may disable the ClickApp.

  • Guests can be invited to specific Dashboards with view-only permissions.

Types of cards

We have a huge number of cards available. To keep them organized and help you find the cards you need, we've organized them into categories.
Screenshot of the Add Card modal showing the different card categories.

Check out each of the categories below to learn about the cards available.

Cards available on each Plan

Cards available on the Unlimited Plan

The following cards are available on the Unlimited Plan and above:

Card Description


Create a Portfolio card to categorize and track the progress of tasks.

Time Reporting

Create a Time Reporting card to see all your time entries, filter by multiple properties, and display tasks in customizable groups.

Time Estimated (legacy)

Create a Time Estimated (legacy) card to identify tasks with time estimates.

Time Tracked (legacy)

Create a Time Tracked (legacy) card to see the total amount of time each person in your Workspace has tracked.

Worked On

Create a Worked On card to see which tasks each person has been active in.

Workspace Points

Create a Workspace Points card to see who's communicating and working on tasks.

Who's behind

Create a Who's Behind card to see who's behind on notifications and overdue tasks.

Cards available on the Business Plan

In addition to those just listed, the following cards are available on the Business Plan and above:

Card Description

Bar Chart

Create a custom bar chart using data from your Workspace.


Create a custom battery chart using data from your Workspace.

Billable Time

Create a Billable Time card to see tasks with billable time tracked.


Create a Calculation card to calculate sums, averages, and more for your tasks.

Line Chart

Create a custom line chart using data from your Workspace. 

Pie Chart

Create a custom pie chart using data from your Workspace.

Priority Over Time

Create a Priority Over Time card to see task distribution by Priority over a set range of time.

Sprint Cards

Create a Sprint card to report on the Sprints you've created with the Sprints ClickApp.

Status Over Time

Create a Status Over Time card to see how many tasks are in each status within a specific time range.

Tag Usage Over Time

Create a Tag Usage Over Time card to see how many tags are used in any location over a specific time range.


Create a Timesheet card to see time tracked for a specific week, month, or custom range.

Add cards to a Dashboard

You can quickly and easily add cards while viewing or editing Dashboards.

  1. From a Dashboard, click + Add Card in the top-right corner.

  2. Find the card you want to add:

    • Search for a particular card using the filter prompt.

    • Browse through the card categories shown on the left.

  3. Click on a card to set your preferences. The options available will vary by card!

  4. Click Add Card.

  5. The card will be added to your Dashboard.

  6. Repeat these steps to add more cards!

Move and resize cards

You can arrange cards to organize your dashboard for maximum impact, and resize them to show even more detail.
Animation of cards being moved and resized.

Move a card

  1. Click and drag any dashboard card to move it

  2. Other cards will adjust themselves automatically

Resize a card

  1. Hover over the sides or corners of any dashboard card

  2. When your cursor becomes a resize arrow, click and drag to resize the card

  3. Other cards won't adjust automatically

Refresh a card

You can refresh individual cards or refresh your entire Dashboard.

Under the card name on the left, you'll see when the card was last refreshed.

To refresh a card:

  1. Hover over a card.
  2. On the top-right, click the refresh button.

Screenshot of a Dashboard card highlighting the refresh button.


Next steps

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