Create Custom Automations

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Can't find what you're looking for in Automation templates? You can create Custom Automations to fit almost any use case. 

Browse our selection of Triggers and Actions (including Custom Fields), and apply Automations to tasks in any Space, Folder, or List. If you just need to automatically set Assignees or Watchers to a task from any Space, Folder, or List check out the Automation Shortcut menu.

What you'll need

  • Automation ClickApp must be enabled in your Workspace

  • Guests can't set up Automations

  • All ClickUp Plans include an unlimited number of Automations

  • The number of automated Actions that can be completed per month depends on your Plan:

    • Usage alert emails are sent to owners and admins of Workspaces when an Automations usage is at 90% and again when usage is over 100%

    • Free Forever: 100 Actions / month

    • Unlimited: 1,000 Actions / month

    • Business: 10,000 Actions / month

    • Business Plus: 25,000 Actions / month

    • Enterprise: 250,000 Actions / month

    • Usage limits reset on the first of every month (PST)

  • Business Plans and above can also set up Conditions and add multiple Actions

  • Paid Plans can purchase more Automations

Use Triggers, Conditions, Actions, and multiple Actions

To create a Custom Automation you need to know how to use the When and Then dropdowns to set up a Trigger, Conditions, and one or more Actions.

Screenshot of Automations Modal. Choosing a Trigger and an Action.

Triggers are events that start an Automation

  • Triggers are selected from the When dropdown

Conditions are criteria that must be true to run an Automation

  • Conditions can be added by clicking the + icon under the When dropdown

Actions are the changes you want to automate

  • Actions are selected from the Then dropdown

  • Actions can be added by clicking the + icon under the Then dropdown

Create a Custom Automation

To create a Custom Automation:

  1. Navigate to the Space, Folder, or List you want the Automation to affect

  2. Click the Space, Folder, or List in the Sidebar to open that location

  3. Click the Automate button in the top right corner or select Automations from the Settings menu

  4. Click the Add automation button to open the Automations modal

  5. Click Custom Automation in the upper-left to open the Create Custom Automation modal

  6. Browse the When dropdown to find your Trigger

    • Click the + icon to add multiple Condition(s) if needed

  7. Browse the Then dropdown to find your Action

    • Click the + icon to add multiple Actions if needed

  8. Add any info about your Workspace that's necessary to set up the Automation

    Screenshot of a Custom Automation with a Condition applied.
  9. Click Create

In this example, we created a more complex Custom Automation.

  • We selected When Status Changes from Pending to Accepted

  • We selected the Condition If Due Date is equal to Today

  • We selected the Action Then Change priority to Clear

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