Agile & Scrum Points (Custom Field)

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Add scrum points to your tasks and sprint towards your agile goals! 

In ClickUp, you can create scrum points using the Sprint Points ClickApp or through a Custom Field. This allows you to customize your workflow and points system - just add any point value with a number field or give them a dropdown to provide select options such as the Fibonacci sequence.

But it's not just a Custom Field because ClickUp does some magic under the hood. Custom Fields with numbers are automatically recognized as scrum points. With this, you can do some cool things like capacity planning and managing sprints in Box view. 

With ClickUp's Dashboards, Box View, Workload View and calculation features, you'll even be able to track the completion of points and determine your Workspace's velocity. 

Once you add a number field to ClickUp for your sprints, you'll be able to:

  1. Track Workload in a (Box view or Workload view)

  2. Track progress and velocity (Box view or Workload view)

  3. Plan capacity (Box view, Workload view or any views using a calculated Custom Field)

  4. Create custom views to see your sprints (just filter for the Custom Field when creating a view) 

How to enable points with Custom Fields

  1. Create a new dropdown Custom Field.

  2. Title the field something like Points.

  3. Set number values to the fields based on your preferred points format.

    • We'll be using these later for calculations.

  4. Add colors if you'd like these to stand out more.

  5. Click Add field.

Reporting on Scrum Points

Use Custom Fields to find workload, velocity, and more for your scrum points fields! You can do this in 5 places:

In Workload View

Select to display your Workload based on numeric Custom Fields or ClickUp's Sprint Points (Users on Business Plan Workspaces have full access to Workload to see people's capacity and workload.)

In Box View

Turn show scrum points on to display numeric Custom Fields in Box View and measure your Workspace's progress. 

You can even visualize your Workspace's workload based on scrum points on the left side of your Box View (Business Plan only).

In List View

Easily set scrum points for all of your tasks in List View and organize them to your liking!

Column calculations let you sum, average, or range each group. 

In Dashboards

There are various ways to calculate scrum points in Dashboards! Create a custom number field and call it scrum points. In a card that supports it, select Custom Field as the data source. It will calculate based on the values of that field.

In a Portfolio card

Add a column for Calculations and map it to your Scrum Points field. ClickUp will automatically calculate the entire List's value for you. 

This gives an excellent high-level view of the weight of each sprint to more efficiently balance workloads. 


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