Getting Started with the ClickUp API

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API Docs

Our full API documentation is available here!

ClickUp's API endpoints allow you to instantly access your Workspace's data and build anything! Let your imagination run wild! Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Create a ClickUp App

Use OAuth2 to create an App 

  1. Navigate to Integrations  page in team settings

  2. Select the ClickUp API  tab.

  3. Create an app to generate a Client ID and Client Secret.

  4. Send users to the API URL with the required parameters to accept the authorization request.

  5. Acquire access token via the Get access token post request.

Personal API Key

Use your token to create apps for yourself

Finding your token: 

  1. Navigate to your personal Settings

  2. Click Apps  in the left sidebar.

  3. Click Generate  to create your API token.

  4. Click Copy  to copy the key to your clipboard.

If you're using the API for personal use, feel free to use your personal API token. If you're creating an application for others to use, it is recommended to use the OAuth2 flow.

You may now use the Personal or OAuth2 access tokens in the Authorization header of your API requests.

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