Tasks and subtasks on mobile

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This article covers how to create and edit tasks and subtasks in the ClickUp mobile app.

What you'll need

  • Using tasks and subtasks in the mobile app is available on all plans.

  • Everyone, including guests with Edit or Full permissions, can use tasks and subtasks in the mobile app.

Tasks on mobile

Tasks are the foundation of work in ClickUp. They serve as collaborative building blocks of all projects.

Creating a task on mobile

To create a task:

  1. Tap the + icon in the lower-right corner.

  2. Name the task.

  3. Tap the List name directly under the task name to select a new location for it.

  4. Add optional task details:

  5. Click Create in the lower-right corner.

  6. A Task Created banner will appear at the top of the app.

    • Tip: Click Open on this banner to go directly to the task.

Apple users can also create tasks using Siri.

Overview tab

When you open a task, you will be in the Overview tab by default.

From this tab, you can:

  • Add assignees to a task by selecting the Add assignee button.

  • Add watchers to a task by selecting the eye icon in the upper-right. Watchers are not assigned to the task, but will be notified of any and all changes within the task.

  • Change the status by tapping Status.

  • Set a Priority by tapping the flag icon.

  • Set a Start date and Due date by tapping their icons.

  • Add a Description so assignees and watchers know what the task's purpose is.

  • Include custom tags by selecting the Tags section below the Description to easily identify the task's type.

  • Below the Tags section, you can access the task's Custom Fields. While you aren't able to add any new Custom Fields to tasks in mobile, you can set existing Custom Fields here.

    • Note: At the moment, Location Custom Fields cannot be edited in mobile.
  • Tap + Add location at the top of your screen to add the task to multiple Lists.

Comments tab

Tap the Comments tab at the top of a task to access its comment and activity history.

Add a comment by typing your message in the Comment section at the bottom. To tag a user, include @ before their name or select the @ icon underneath the comment text section.

Once you've started typing, tap the speech bubble icon to assign a comment to a user. This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be closed.

Reply to a comment by tapping Reply directly underneath it.

Tap on hold on a comment to reveal the following options:

  • Reply: Directly reply to the comment.

  • Assign to: Assign the comment to a specific user.

  • Edit: The creator can edit their comment using this option.

  • Copy text: Copy the comment and paste it elsewhere.

  • Share link: Share a link directly to the comment.

  • Delete: The comment author can delete their comment.

Attachments tab

Tap the Attachments tab at the top of a task to add or view attachments.

You can attach files, images, and videos to the task itself, and it serves as the storage space for these items. They can then be viewed or downloaded by anyone with access to the task.

Task options

Tap the ellipsis ... icon in the upper-right corner of your task to open your Task options.

Task options include:

  • Share private link: Share the task link via AirDrop, SMS, email, Slack, and more.

  • Copy task ID: Copy the task ID.

  • Move task: Move the task to another List.

  • Add to favorites: Add the task to your Favorites.

  • Archive: Archive the task.

  • Delete: The task creator can delete the task.

Create subtasks, checklists, and comments

The To Do container is found at the bottom of a task and is used to edit subtasks, checklists, or assigned comments.

Tap the To Do button in the lower-left to reveal subtasks, checklists, and comments as tabs that can be accessed by selecting them or swiping to them.

Tap the Subtasks, Checklists, or Comments icons to open their respective menus.

Create nested subtasks

To create a nested subtask:

  1. In the lower-right of a task, tap the Subtasks icon.

  2. Tap the + icon to the right of your existing subtask.

  3. Name the nested subtask.

  4. Add optional task details.

  5. Tap Create in the lower-right.

Alternatively, you can tap and hold on a subtask to bring up its Subtask options menu and assign a subtask, delete a subtask, or create a nested subtask from it.

Edit Checklists

Checklists on mobile allow for all the same functionality as the web version of ClickUp. You can take the following actions:

  • Create new checklists.

  • Edit, delete, or add to existing checklists along with their items and subitems.

  • Assign or un-assign checklist items.

  • Track checklist progress.

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